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Dealer service


» Sales promotion

... Our special service for you!

As a small token of our appreciation – and to pass on to customers – our wholesale and retail partners receive promotional gifts, such as pens, lighters or keychains.

If interested, please contact our Customer Service..

» Tasting

...Taste quality!

The high quality of our products is best discovered by tasting. And so we offer our wholesale and retail partners tasting events to achieve better penetration of our brands at retail.
Are you, too, interested in a tasting promotion?

If interested, please contact our Customer Service.

» Shelf-placement

... Optimal presentation for your sales!

Here we give you a sales-oriented suggestion for placement of the GAZi assortment in your cooler section. We would be happy to prepare a recommendation for you that is optimised specifically for the GAZi assortment you carry and the desired shelf space.

If interested, please contact our Customer Service..

» Lorry labelling

... Profit from our good name!

When you see a "GAZi" lorry on Europe's roads and highways, it's not always a company lorry. Many of our customers are interested in integrating GAZi into their own promotion concept and presenting the current GAZi product advertising on their own vehicles.

On this page, you see some examples of our wholesale and retail customers' lorries labelled with GAZi promotion foil.

Does your company also use its own transportation vehicles (from van to "40-tonner")? Are you interested in applying our GAZi advertising? Then write us. We'll contact you immediately.

» Product catalogue

... Order easily and conveniently!

Our special service for you: Our current product catalogue and order form, each in PDF-format for download and print out. Then just order simply and conveniently by e-mail or fax.

You can get to our download offers here.